Human Design

What is Human Design?

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system that offers your logical mind an understanding of how you operate and process information. With the wisdom you will gain from understanding your Human Design, you will be able to release guilt and shame of your past and gain a profound understanding of why you have operated the way you have. You will gain awareness on your decision-making process to free you from indecisiveness resulting in a life with more ease and fulfillment.

Your Human Design Body Graph is calculated by using your exact birth date, birth time, and birthplace.

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Human Design Orientation

Your Human Design Orientation will provide you with the foundational understanding of the complexities within the Human Design system. Not only will we deep dive the specifics of your chart, but you will also gain an understanding of the other energy types as well. This will allow you to gain prospective on where you fit into the collective, why you are experienced the way you are, and why you experience others the way you do. Your session will be filled with tons of aha moments, an exhale when you gain the language that finally allows you to understand the parts of you that you’ve kept hidden or in shame, and the start of radical self-love and acceptance!  

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Human Design & Parenting

Do you dream of a peaceful home? Of relationships with your children that don’t feel like you’re rowing upstream? Do you desire for your children to be fully seen and heard by you? For them to feel radically accepted for who they are and not what you expect them to be? Do you wish for mutual love and respect, but it feels miles apart? Or are you just simply curious about who your kiddos are energetically designed to be? If so, this session is for you! Meet with Rachel, a parent of two young kiddos, who has used the Human Design system as her number one tool in parenting. Having a true understanding of your design as a parent and the unique design of your children will open a life of true alignment for the entire family.

Clients must first complete the Human Design Orientation before booking the Human Design Parenting session. This will allow us to maximize our time deep diving of the unique charts of each of your kiddos and how your energies impact each other. You will leave your session with clarity, excitement, and an understanding of how to better operate in the unique relationship with each of your children.

*Please note that your children do not need the education of Human Design for you to successfully implement what you learn into your home and relationships. As a parent you will be the guide, making micro adjustments on your end that will leave them feel seen, heard, and loved with EASE*

Human Design & Relationships

Do you often fill triggered in your closest relationships? Do you find yourself frustrated with others, blocked in communication, or feel like you lack a deep understanding of the people that matter to you the most? Do you crave relationships filled with peace, ease of communication and understanding? If so, let’s sit down together and deep dive the chart of the person that you are trying to better understand. During this session we will discuss how both of your unique designs interact with each other. You will leave with more clarity and understanding of how you operate individually and together creating a relationship that has more ease and less frustration.


Human Design & Business

Do you dream of being able to intrinsically inspire your employees from their seat of power to bring out their highest potential to serve the mission of your business? Do you find yourself in frustrating partnerships that lack ease and understanding? Do you crave knowledge that will allow all parties in the partnership to operate in their strengths to accelerate the growth of the business? Do you lack the understanding of how you, your employees and your partners process information and make decisions? If any of these questions resonate, then this human design session is for you.

Come sit with Rachel and let her guide you through the Human Design system from the prospective of business. As an investor with a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio, owner of several businesses, and a collegiate professor who holds a MBA, allow Rachel to be your guide as she teaches you the number one system that unlocked massive growth within her own life. She will uncover simple methods and techniques within your design that will support you and launch you into the side of success that only comes when you understand your personal energetic makeup.

Meet Your Guide

Float Nashville’s owner, Rachel Benton, has experienced life changing transformation from the wisdom she has gained through her journey with Human Design. She is passionate about helping others uncover, understand, and embody their own unique energetic makeup to heal guilt and shame of their past, and unlock a world of possibility for their future.

Spending years as a college professor, she holds the gift of helping her students digest complex topics into digestible information so her learners can immediately apply what they are studying.

Book an appointment today so you can start your journey of fully embodying who you were designed to be. You will walk away with an immediate understanding of how you operate in the world, how you are perceived by others, your specific process and strategy for decision making, and personalized guidance on how to implement what you learn into your daily life to experience immediate results.