Our Float Tanks

We have three float tanks, with both closed and open tank options, for you to experience floating in the way that feels best to you.

Which Float Tank style is best?

People often ask us which tank is our favorite or why we choose one tank over the other.  It's true that people usually gravitate towards one tank or another, but we are all hard pressed to tell you why we love that one tank.  The reality is this - all our tanks contain 1000 - 1200 lbs of salt and are full of skin temperature water and all feel the same in the dark.

For those with limited mobility, claustrophobia concerns, or expecting mom’s, we generally recommend our open style tank - although this is only a suggestion.

We encourage you to give them all a try and decide which suits you best!

Float Rooms 1 & 2- We have two traditional enclosed style float tanks. You are free to leave the door open or closed and are in complete control of your experience the entire time.

With plenty of room to stretch out, it is a favorite with peeps who want the classic float experience.

Float Room 3 is our Open Float Tank.  The controls, just in reach of your hands, allow you to  turn on and off the overhead light.  You get the same experience without the tank door! 

Ready to experience it for yourself?

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