First-Time Floaters

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Welcome First-Time Guests!

We are always excited to meet new guests. Float Nashville exists to provide healing experiences to help you relieve pain and stress, and lower your anxiety. We have a cozy, safe space with a welcoming staff to guide you through your relaxing journey.


Whether you are here looking for relief from pain, stress, and anxiety, want to deepen your meditation practice, or are a mama-to-be needing some time to rest and relief, our center can be a space that provides all these things in a comfortable and effective way.

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If you aren’t familiar with floating, you’re in for a real treat! It’s hard out there, with every day stress and distractions keeping you from deep healing and self-care. Floating is the ultimate way to rest deeply and feel refreshed and ready to face the world again!

Floating has been around a long time - over 60 years - and research shows that it has quite a few benefits including decreasing cortisone and increasing the feel good hormones like serotonin! Several studies have shown that people with anxiety see decrease in symptoms and increase feelings like serenity. Inflammation decreases and with it many have experienced pain levels go down as well.

You can have all this without lifting a finger. Just lay back and relax into all these benefits.

Common Questions

What kind of results should I expect?

One of the first things people notice when they get out is a general relaxed feeling. Stress hormones decrease, muscle tension fades away, and feel good hormones increase.

Sometimes you don’t notice all the results right away. But it is not uncommon to sleep better that night, or even find that things that would irritate you easily don’t really bother you as much (think Nashville traffic).

I’m claustrophobic - what if I feel trapped?

During your float, you have full control of the room, the tank, and then lights. Your intake will be fullof info to help you create the float you want. Still not sure about a closed tank? Then give our open float tank a try! You may even want to try our Glow and Go experience where you can ease into the float with light and soothing sounds.

Do I need to prepare in some way?

There really isn’t any preparation necessary. But some people like to wear loose, comfortable clothing so it is easy to dress in a post float relaxed state. We provide everything you need including a shower in your room, bath products (gel, shampoo, conditioner), towels, earplugs, and more. There is also a hairdryer in the restroom if you need to dry or style your hair before you leave. Complimentary water and tea is available or you can purchase some fresh (and delicious) kombucha on tap to support your self-care experience.

What if I get bored or my mind won’t shut off?

It’s totally normal for those new to floating to encounter boredom or mind racing. The great news is your body and mind will get the benefits of floating no matter what, and our expert staff has several techniques for you to navigate these little road bumps in the meantime.

What if I don’t understand the process or I have a question?

Even if you have no idea what floating is or how it works, it still works. You can relax into the experience and just trust the process. And if you have a questions, our staff is dedicated to making sure you feel supported and comfortable on your journey.

I’ve heard I need to float regularly to experience the benefits, what if I only want to try it once?

Floating even once can yield great short term results for our clients. Floating 3 times will give you the best sense of what floating can begin to do for you. For the best long term, life-changing results, we recommend floating at least 2 times a month. Just like other health practices (gym, yoga, diet) when you float regularly and within shorter time periods, etc etc. The difference with floating is that you don’t have to do any work.



Treat yourself to a relaxing float experience!