Safety Protocols & Sanitization

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Update from Float Nashville

When you live with stress, pain, and anxiety it is important to have a space to come where you can walk in the door and feel safe. That kind of place you can feel your shoulders drop from your ears the moment you walk in. Deep breathing comes a little more naturally. The place where you are greeted by people who already see you as being perfectly whole as you are in that moment and deserving of the gift of care you are giving yourself.

As we open up, we want to make sure in light of all the happenings of the last two months that you can continue to come here and feel safe. We are putting these temporary measures in place and following the guidelines laid out by the state and CDC and making a huge effort to keep your experience here as relaxing and effective as you have come to expect.

You and our staff mean a whole lot to us and we want to take care of you. Please help us by observing the following changes when you come in. We’ll always have gentle reminders around because we know how easy it is to forget!

Cloth face coverings are required in the lobby area. We have extra disposable masks behind the desk should you forget yours.

If you have someone drop you off for a service, we require that they stay outside to ensure social distancing guidelines.

Our self service tea station is currently out of service. However, should you desire a cup of tea after your float, your friendly float host is happy to make you a cup.

We are still offering kombucha on tap, however, your friendly float host will fill your containers for you.


We have staggered our schedule to allow more time between clients to ensure that our hospital grade sanitizers have time to do their thing. We also air the entire office out in between clients to ensure nothing is hanging around.

The tanks themselves, filled with 1000lbs of salt, are naturally inhospitable to viruses, however our UV light filters and hydrogen peroxide additives ensure the safest experience. You can read more about that here.

Our tablets are UV sanitized between clients and we have a strict cleaning schedule for our common areas.

Float Nashville will remain a safe, sanitary space to decompress and relax. If you’d like to discuss any of this more in depth, we are always happy to talk shop. You can reach us in the office at 615-567-7222. No need to feel embarrassed, we want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible in this incredibly stressful time. We’ll get through this together!